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5K-02-hands_1For over 40 years, PENOSIL high performance products have been used to seal in the most demanding environments, weatherproofing high rise buildings and in industries such as aviation, nuclear power and energy utilities, rail, automotive and shipbuilding BECAUSE they:

  • are 100% waterproof;

  • provide unbreakable adhesion;

  • offer a guaranteed fast rate of curing;

  • have high elasticity;

  • are easy to apply;

  • have a proven track record of long-lasting durability.

NOW it’s time for consumers everywhere to benefit from this industrial technology to provide sealing solutions in the home. Why? Because PENOSIL is always challenging standards, because we are committed to quality, because we pay attention to the smallest detail, because we want people to feel warm and safe in their homes, because we believe the solutions we offer are the BEST for their HOME.


PENOSIL is a registered trademark of Krimelte OÜ, a company of Wolf Group.