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It is not easy to choose the right products for various indoor and outdoor sealing works and minor repairs. A good solution is multipurpose construction foam and silicone, which are joint fillers with an extraordinarily wide range of application.

PENOSIL EasyPRO All Purpose construction foam is usable as an assembly, sealant and filler foam, and silicone is suitable for all the main sealant works from weatherproofing of doors and windows to sanitary and glazing works. EasySpray foam with special spray nozzle is ideal for fragment insulating hard-to-reach places and uneven surfaces.

  • Penosil EasySpray All Surfaces sprayable foam 700ml

    PENOSIL EasySpray

    Sprayable foam sealant with unique spray applicator for the best insulation experience HIGH INSULATION VALUE…

    • Indoor & outdoor
    • <0,1% isocyanate monomer content
    • Enhanced UV-resistance
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  • PENOSIL EasyPRO All Purpose

    PENOSIL EasyPRO All Purpose foam

    PENOSIL EasyPRO All Purpose is a foam sealant with unique applicator for sealing all types…

    • Indoor & outdoor
    • All season
    • Low expansion
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  • Penosil EasyPRO All Purpose

    PENOSIL EasyPRO All Purpose silicone sealant

    PENOSIL EasyPRO All Purpose is a silicone sealant for multipurpose interior and exterior use. 2-HOUR…

    • Indoor & outdoor
    • 5-year mould free
    • Permanently flexible
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