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For moderate-deformation joints like the joint between a wall and a ceiling or the inner perimeter of a window, it is especially important that the surfaces are properly prepared for painting. The finishing and filling category contains products needed to ensure uniform and smooth underlying surfaces.

PENOSIL Painters´ Silicone is a highly elastic sealant that can be painted over and is intended for moving joints. PENOSIL Gaps & Cracks acrylic sealant is specifically intended for filling joints and cracks, and PENOSIL Max Gap Filler foam with a straw applicator is intended for filling large voids and for sealing cracks.

  • PENOSIL Max Gap Filler

    PENOSIL Max Gap Filler

    PENOSIL Max Gap Filler is a foam sealant for filling and sealing larger holes FILLS…

    • Indoor & outdoor
    • High yield
    • Fills up to 40l of holes
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  • PENOSIL Painters' Silicone

    PENOSIL Painters’ Silicone

    PENOSIL Painters' Silicone is paintable sealant for filling movable joints before painting. 1-HOUR PAINT READY…

    • Indoor & outdoor
    • Developed for movable joints
    • Fine silky finish
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  • PENOSIL Gaps & Cracks

    PENOSIL Gaps & Cracks

    PENOSIL Gaps & Cracks is acrylic sealant for clean and smooth joints before painting. 1-HOUR…

    • Indoor & outdoor
    • Allows 20 min for shaping
    • Suitable for fine works
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