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In order to ensure good usage experience and an aesthetical end result, all PENOSIL EasyPRO sealants are supplied with a unique patented EasyPRO spatula. This tool makes it easy to smooth joint fillers even without previous experience. The spatula that also has the function of a cap can be adjusted to the joint’s width and the cutting surfaces of its edges help clean away excess silicone.

EasyPRO All Purpose foam is supplied with a protected-design EasyGun applicator ensuring accurate dosage of the foam, high-quality foam structure, and higher yield. This applicator is especially convenient for sealing and filling hard-to-reach cavities and gaps.

The PENOSIL tool range also includes silicone and foam guns.

  • EasyPRO-spatula-3D

    PENOSIL EasyPRO Spatula

    PENOSIL EasyPRO SPATULA® – a tool for smoothing the sealant joint. PROPER RESULT PENOSIL EasyPRO spatula…

  • EasyGun_Applicator_silver

    PENOSIL EasyGun Applicator

    PENOSIL EasyGun foam applicator gun to replace a foam gun. REPLACES A FOAM GUN PENOSIL…

  • PENOSIL_FoamGun_P1_2017_teistpidi

    PENOSIL FoamGun P1

    PENOSIL FoamGun P1 is a polyurethane foam applicator gun with long barrel for filling deep…

  • FoamGun_G1

    PENOSIL FoamGun G1

    PENOSIL FoamGun G1 is a high-quality polyurethane foam applicator gun for assembly works and when…

  • PENOSIL_FoamGun_S1_2017_wg_veeb

    PENOSIL FoamGun S1

    PENOSIL FoamGun S1 is a polyurethane foam applicator gun suitable for home and professional construction…

  • PENOSIL_Sealant_Manual_Gun_300_web

    PENOSIL Sealant Manual Gun

    PENOSIL Sealant Manual Gun is a professional handgun for cartridges (silicones, adhesives and mastics, 310…