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Due to energy efficiency requirements for buildings, it is very important to ensure heat-retainment and air-tightness of doors and windows as well as to reduce cold bridges. Thermal sealing with PENOSIL Window & Door Elastic foam helps get air leaks under control and thereby save on the buildings heating costs. The airtightness properties of PENOSIL door and window foam have been tested in Germany in Rosenheim GmbH lab and the report states that the foam is practically airtight. PENOSIL Window & Door silicone sealant is intended for glazing and sealing works and ensures full weatherproofing.

  • Penosil Window & Door Elastic

    PENOSIL Window & Door Elastic

    PENOSIL Window & Door Elastic is a foam sealant for tight sealing of movable joints.…

    • Indoor & outdoor
    • All season
    • Solid structure
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  • PENOSIL Window & Door

    PENOSIL Window & Door

    PENOSIL Window & Door is silicone sealant for weathertight glazing and sealing. 3-HOUR RAIN-READY Fast…

    • Indoor & outdoor
    • 100% waterproof
    • No color change
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