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PENOSIL Kitchen & Bath Fresh

PENOSIL Kitchen & Bath Fresh is a silicone sealant for all surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom


Penosil Kitchen & Bath Fresh silicone sealant is a new, high performance, fast-curing sealant. It is activated by shower moisture, producing a flexible and extremely water-resistant finish. Kitchen & Bath Fresh silicone can be exposed to water in just 1 hour and retains its durability, adhesion and elasticity for years.


Mouldshield anti-bacterial technology and a 5 year guarantee* against mould growth. New Kitchen & Bath Fresh silicone is perfect for sealing in wet areas and has excellent wet abrasion resistance.


Kitchen & Bath Fresh silicone bonds to almost all materials used in construction other than polyethylene and bitumen. It provides excellent adhesion to sensitive surfaces such as natural stone e.g. marble and granite, mirrors, ceramic tiles, aluminium, galvanized steel and black metal.


  • Transparent
  • White


  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Mild odour
  • 100% waterproof

Adheres to:

  • Concrete
  • Granite and marble
  • Glass and mirror
  • Ceramics
  • Wood
  • Rigid PVC
  • Different metals and plastics

Application areas

  • Kitchen & Bath Fresh silicone is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and areas that need protection from moisture, mould and bacteria.
  • Has excellent adhesion to sensitive surfaces as marble, granite, glass and aluminium as well as to common substrates such as concrete.
• Easy application, quick drying • Mould and bacteria-resistance with excellent abrasion resistance • Suitable for use on interior and exterior substrates in wet areas • Low-odour for a clean and fresh home • Excellent adhesion with sensitive surfaces • 5 year guarantee* against mould growth

How to use

How to use


10 Year minimum life means more than that! It is:

  • a reliable product;
  • sustainable and durable;
  • a product with long-lasting properties: permanently flexible,
    water and UV-resistant, crack and freeze-proof.

It also means:

  • YOU SAVE MONEY. Without the need to repair sealed areas, you save
    the cost of replacement materials and labour as well as time;
  • YOU HELP PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT. With less products used
    over a longer period, less waste goes into landfill or to pollute nature.