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PENOSIL Max Gap Filler

PENOSIL Max Gap Filler is a foam sealant for filling and sealing larger holes


Penosil Max Gap Filler foam sealant is a high quality all season construction foam that fills large holes and seals air gaps. It is easy to use with the new convenient tube applicator and expands to take the shape of cracks and voids, forming a permanent airtight bond.


Our maximum expansion formula has been formulated to fill gaps and voids all around the home. Max Gap Filler foam has excellent adhesion properties with most construction materials and provides an excellent insulating seal to wood, concrete, brick, vinyl, steel and aluminium.


Max Gap Filler foam’s new, narrower applicator ensures a good foam structure is combined with high output pressure. It can be cut after 1 hour and cures fully in 24 hours. Cured foam is a good temperature and sound insulator. (Cure times vary based on bead size, temperature and humidity.)


  • Light Yellow


  • Indoor & outdoor
  • High yield
  • Fills up to 40l of holes

Adheres to:

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • All metals
  • PVC
  • Bricks
  • Gypsum boards
  • EPS
  • Roof tiles

Application areas

  • Sealing of all types of joints and gaps for thermal and sound insulation.
  • Used for sealing penetrations (cable, pipes and ventilation).
Why Max Gap Filler foam sealant?
• Saves energy. Foam sealants has great thermal insulation properties • Acoustic barrier. Foam sealant has great sound insulation properties.• Filling fast big holes • Mould and mildew-free • Paintable;


10 Year minimum life means more than that! It is:

  • a reliable product;
  • sustainable and durable;
  • a product with long-lasting properties.

It also means:

  • YOU SAVE MONEY. Without the need to repair sealed areas, you save
    the cost of replacement materials and labour as well as time;
  • YOU HELP PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT. With less products used
    over a longer period, less waste goes into landfill or to pollute nature.