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PENOSIL Painters’ Silicone

PENOSIL Painters’ Silicone is paintable sealant for filling movable joints before painting.


Penosil Painters’ Silicone paintable silicone sealant can be brush-painted just 1 hour after application. Most types of paint can be used though we recommend more flexible ones in order to avoid cracks if the joint moves. Painters Silicone saves you time and gets the job done faster.


Flexibility is important because the silicone can undergo extreme expansion and contraction. Painters’ Silicone can elongate by up to 100% in the joint and will not crack or lose adhesion with the surface. This ensures that the joint will stay looking neat.


Most paintable sealant shrink up to 50% while curing – because of that paint cracks. But not Penosil Painters’ Silicone it has near zero shrinkage – paint doesn’t crack even if the sealant is spray-painted immediately after application.


  • White


  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Developed for movable joints
  • Fine silky finish

Adheres to:

  • Drywall
  • Concret
  • Plaster
  • Masonry
  • Wood
  • Most plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Glass

Application areas

  • Sealing of movable connection joints between different surfaces: wood and insulation boards, walls and ceilings, etc. in corners and angles before painting, interior window and door frames.
• Permanently flexible, even at low temperatures • Crack-proof. Silicone sealant doesn’t harden and stays flexible when exposed to extreme heat and UV • Chemical-resistant. Silicones are neutral to all cleaners and other detergents that are used in the home – silicones can’t be damaged by them • Waterproof. Silicones can’t be washed away by rain or shower water, the sealant maintains its adhesion with such surfaces


10 Year minimum life means more than that! It is:

  • a reliable product;
  • sustainable and durable;
  • a product with long-lasting properties: permanently flexible,
    water and UV-resistant, crack and freeze-proof.

It also means:

  • YOU SAVE MONEY. Without the need to repair sealed areas, you save
    the cost of replacement materials and labour as well as time;
  • YOU HELP PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT. With less products used
    over a longer period, less waste goes into landfill or to pollute nature.