PENOSIL Premium Painters Acrylic Caulk

  • Mainly used for filling and smoothing connections between wall and/or ceiling surfaces in interior areas before painting.
  • Can be used on surfaces like concrete, plaster, brick and wood materials.
  • Forms a flexible connection, is compatible with most paint systems, adheres well to most materials.

Field of applications

  • Sealing connections between the inner corners of wall and between wall and ceiling surfaces.
  • Window and door frames interior perimeter connections and joints between windowsills.
  • Before the painting repair smaller surface defects.
  • Filling cracks in concrete, brick, gypsum and other materials.
  • Not recommended for applications in constant contact with water.


  • 310 ml cartridge, 12 pcs in a box.
  • 600 ml foil package, 20 pcs in a box.

Colour samples

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