Penosil participates in several prestigious trade fairs


For example Wolf Group participated in the “The Big 5“construction fair in Dubai last November. Margus Vihman, our Sales Director, thinks it was a very useful visit. People were very interested in us and we collected more than 200 new contacts. “More or less after every six minutes somebody stepped into our box,“ says Margus. Our fire-rated products seemed to be of most interest.

At the beginning of this year, Jüri Käosaar, our Export Manager, went to the BUDMA construction fair in Poland. “Our goal was to introduce Penosil,” he says, “it was our first time there.“ Jüri mentions that it was one of the best fairs of the recent years, since there were many interested people. “Lately, the trade fairs have been a bit slow, so the Polish experience was very positive,“ he comments. There were more than 53000 visitors to this event.

The Penosil trade stand was on two floors and active sales work was going on non-stop in the conference room of the second floor. According to Jüri, Poland may be a source of a 10-15% increase in turnover. “Sales and brand recognition must be developed step by step,“ he adds.

In March, Tarmo Nork, export manager for Wolf Group, went to a construction fair in Brazil. It was our fifth time there. “The popularity of construction foams has grown considerably during the last five years,“ says Tarmo and points out that when at first they only sold straw foams to the Brazilian market then now the demand for gun foams has also risen.


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