Tartu University researchers contribute towards R&D of Krimelte


“Over the last decades, a lot has changed in the field of construction chemistry – consumers’ demand for high-quality and energy-saving products has increased significantly,” noted Alar Salum, Executive Director of Krimelte. He added that because this trend will continue in the coming years, product development at Krimelte will be guided by such concepts as eco-friendliness, energy-efficiency and innovation.
“The previous year, we concentrated on the product development of sealants and adhesives, launching several new products in various areas of use,” said Salum, adding that besides sealants the company is also focusing on the development of mono-component polyurethane foams for specific purposes. “We strive to maintain the position of market leader in the development of innovative products and believe that cooperation with researchers at the University of Tartu will contribute to this goal,” underlined Salum.
Alar Tõru, Head of Industrial Liaison Unit at the University of Tartu, was also glad that the partnership of Krimelte OÜ and the University of Tartu, based on mutual trust, provides development opportunities for a leading research group as well as exciting challenges for several researchers at the University. “Researchers of the University involved in the partnership with Krimelte place emphasis not only on the importance of the field of polymer chemistry itself, but also on the ties and analogies between various disciplines, which seem to be worlds apart at first glance. What is more, the effect of this cooperation initiative on the chemistry and physics education provided at the University should not be underestimated,” marked Tõru.
The cooperation agreement between the University of Tartu and Krimelte provides for active communication between the University's researchers and product developers at Krimelte. Krimelte will inform the University of new applications in the industry and technological problems waiting to be solved. Depending on a specific problem, the University will conduct analyses of the raw produce and materials used by Krimelte as well as the company’s end products. For example, together they will work on the chemical modification of the surface of fillers to improve their rheological properties.
As a result of joint R&D and according to the partnership agreement, Krimelte will become a centre for practical or post-graduate training of students.
The University of Tartu is a research and development partner for companies in tasks involving know-how, applied research and expert assessments. Services provided by the University’s laboratories and structural units in the field of construction and real estate, energy and mining industry, processing industry, occupational safety, biotechnology, agriculture and forestry, information and communications technology, water supply and culture are brought together in a continuously updated service database.
Krimelte OÜ became a member of GEV
In November, Krimelte OÜ became a member of GEV (the Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials). This membership enables Krimelte to provide consumers, engineers, architects and mechanics with information on selecting adhesives, construction materials and flooring, using a classification system EMICODE®. Its independent and unbiased assessment of products ensures top-level protection for consumers as well as the environment.
Riho Eensoo, Product Development Manager of Krimelte, explained that EMICODE® is a protected trademark. Only members of GEV are entitled to use the EMICODE® licence label.

Only products complying with the strictest GEV testing standards are granted the right of bearing the EMICODE® label on their packaging, testifying to their best possible protection of consumer health and environment.

EC1 is a highly regarded label on European, US and Canadian markets. “Members of GEV keep pace with technological advancements to develop and manufacture products that keep environmental and consumer health concerns at the lowest level possible,” added Eensoo.

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