PENOSIL Premium BetMix

  • Effective plasticizer of combined composition.
  • Owing to the versatility of the effects, the watertightness of the mixture improves; and the strength and frost-resistance increase in addition to homogeneity and workability.
  • The quantity of water bubbles in the mix does not increase; neither does the curing period.

Fields of application

  • To be used in concrete or mortar mixtures.
  • The use of PENOSIL Premium BetMix in the mixture ensures the following:
    - lower water need alongside the same workability
    - higher initial and final strength, water-tightness and frost-resistance
    - higher resistance to the effect of chemicals as well as mechanical damage.
    - better pumping, application and finishing properties.


1L, 5L, 10L, 25L plastic canister, 200L plastic barrel.

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