PENOSIL Premium WoodFix PVA D3 647

  • Quick and strong adhesion. Adhesive joint is stronger than the wood itself.
  • In addition to wood, glues well cardboard, leather, textile, porcelain, bricks, concrete, metal, plaster board.
  • After drying becomes semitransparent and solid.
  • Indispensable in furniture industry.

Fielf of application

  • Connecting wooden parts in places where moisture proofness of the adhesive connection is required.
  • Connecting wooden elements and adhering textile on wooden elements.
  • Gluing frames and wooden decorative elements.
  • Gluing spines of hardback books.
  • Gluing linoleum with insulated base.
  • Installing laminate and board parquet indoors.


Plastic bottle: 500 ml; 8 pieces in a box

Colour samples

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