PENOSIL Premium FastFix Epoxy Plastic

  • Indispensable for small fast repairs.
  • Easy to use, excludes faults.
  • Very high binding strength.
  • Consistence (reminds modelling clay) avoids drops and trickles and makes the adhesion of the product to substrate easier.
  • After final curing, the material can be bored, sawn, ground, polished and painted.
  • Resists water, chemicals and extreme temperatures.
  • Does not contain solvents or evaporating agents.

Field of application

  • Restoration
    • Worn edges and damaged places on boats, canoes, kayaks, surfing boards, oars and paddles.
    • Worn knobs and latches
    • Worn parts of toys
  • Repairing
    • Plastic parts on car
    • Canoes, boats and other craft
    • PVC furniture
    • Plastic trays and gutters
  • Sealing
    • PVC and ABS plastic tubes


30 ml stick in a tube, 12 tubes in a display box.

Colour samples

  • PENOSIL Premium Cleaning Wipes

    PENOSIL Premium Cleaning Wipes

    Industrial cleaning wipes for the removal of construction chemistry and finishing agent residues from hands, tools and various surfaces. Quick and efficient. 

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