PENOSIL Premium RoofMastic

  • The coating can be reinforced, when a polyester woven fabric is placed into liquid mastic layer.
  • Can be used for coating and sealing different roofing materials such as bitumen, roll coverings, plywood, metal roofings and concrete, both outdoors and indoors.
  • Water-resistant but breathable material, stable in outdoor conditions, has crack-bridging capabilities and is UV resistant.
  • The roof and insulating mastic can be tinted.

Fields of application

  • Repairing old bitumen roofs.
  • Sealing and coating of sloped bitumen tile roofs.
  • Protecting roofs from ambient influences.
  • Sealing the seams of metal-sheeted roofs.
  • Coating of new fibre cement boards.


1 L, 3 L, 10 L plastic containers.

Colour samples

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