PENOSIL Premium Expanding Tape 300

Self expanding joint sealant tape from open-cellular polyurethane foam, impregnated with modified acrylic dispersion, containing flame retarding fillings. The tape is on one side provided with a strong self-adhesive acrylic tape. Provides good thermal and sound insulation. Premium Expanding Tape 300 is designed to provide weather protection and insulation in external joints that are mostly covered.

  • Slowly expands when released from the roll.
  • Expands and fills out all cracks and uneven parts of the joint.
  • Leaves a completely homogenous tight seal.
  • Protects the joint against dust, wind and driving rain of up to 300 Pa.
  • Minimizes the risk of wet-rot and fungal infection of the building system.
  • The open cell structure allows breathability of joints and evaporation of moisture.
  • Remains elastic and moves with the joint.
  • Provides thermal and sound insulation.
  • Reaction to fire class B2.
  • Compatible with most building materials.
  • Safe for user and the environment.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • High temperature resistance.

Gray and black

Packaging and product measurements

Other dimensions available on request.

Field of application

  • Sealing gaps between window/door frame and embrasure.
  • Sealing between concrete sections.
  • Sealing roof-lights.
  • Sealing roof constructions, including eaves fillers.
  • Sealing and insulating timber and log houses.
  • Soundproofing internal and partition wall joints.
  • Insulation against noise and vibrations in connection with ventilation and climate installations.
  • Insulation against noise and vibrations within the automotive industry.

Application conditions

  • The ideal mounting temperature is between +5 °C and +30 °C.
  • The joint surfaces must be clean, dry and right-angled.

Technical specification

Application instruction

Choose the appropriate tape according to width of the joint. Then choose the width of the tape according to depth of the joint. Make sure that the joint is clean and dry. The first and last 3-5 cm of the roll to be discarded. Cut off the joint sealant tape with an excess length of approx. 3%. Remove the coating of the adhesive strip and fix the joint sealant tape to the most suitable surface, for visual purposes, approx. 2-3 mm behind the front edge of the joint. If necessary, use a putty knife to fix the sealant tape firmly. The dimensioning of the joint sealant tape shall be in accordance with the table. Possible movements of the construction should be taken into consideration. All product properties are guaranteed only to correctly applicated compressed sealant tapes.


  • The joint sealant tape must never be mounted around corners but must instead be cut and pushed together right-angled. The excess lengths are pressed well into the corners.
  • When making joint sealant tape extensions the ends must be pushed together. Avoid overlapping joint sealant tapes.
  • Never clean with high pressure or strongly acidic fluids.
  • Do not paint the Premium Expanding Tape 300.
  • In high, humid and windy conditions, i.e. at sea and on hills, use Premium Expanding Tape 600.


      For cleaning hands and surfaces use PENOSIL Premium Cleaning Wipes.


      For window installation use the Expanding Tape in combination with PENOSIL GoldGun LowExpansion insulation foam.


    Guaranteed shelf life is 12 months from the manufacturing date when stored in a cool and dry place in original packaging at temperatures between +1 °C and +30 °C.

Colour samples

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