PENOSIL Standard Neutral Silicone

  • Insulates and seals in both indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • Suitable for slightly alkaline metal surfaces.
  • Non-sagging, does not spread in the joint.
  • Adheres to most building materials such as stone, metal and wood materials, glass and plastic surfaces.
  • Adheres well to porous surfaces.
  • Excellent processing and smoothing properties.
  • Does not lose volume during the curing process.
  • After curing, elastic even at extreme temperatures (-40 °C to +100 °C).
  • Mould, UV, moisture and weather resistant.
  • Long storage time.

Field of application

  • Insulation and sealing of connections, also on surfaces where acid-curing silicone cannot be used.
  • General construction and repair works.
  • Interior and exterior works, wet and dry rooms.
  • All finishing, insulation, glassing and ventilation works.
  • Insulation and sealing of window and door frames.


Cartridge: 280 ml; 12 units per box

Colour samples

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