PENOSIL Premium Motor Sealant

  • Manifold usage possibilities.
  • After curing, resistant to temperatures of up to +250 °C for up to 4 hours, for short periods even to
    temperatures of up to +275 °C.
  • Insulates and seals.
  • Maintains elasticity.
  • Adheres well to non-porous materials with no previous treatment: metal, glass, ceramic tiles, bricks, most plastics and impregnated, varnished or painted wood.

310 ml cartridge,

12 cartridges in box.


  • Elastic sealing of moving joints.
  • Sealing of joints exposed to long-term temperatures of up to 250 °C (stoves and ovens).
  • Various industrial solutions.
  • Machine building and car repair. 


310 ml cartridge, 12 cartridges in box.


Colour samples

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