• Polyurethane foam on the front line of construction


    In the insulation and sealing work of modern buildings, you cannot manage without polyurethane foam. Although foams have been on the market for quite a long time, manufacturers are constantly being asked to advise on how the foam works and what the criteria are to make the right choice for the particular field of application.

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  • Krimelte started production of disinfectants


    Krimelte OÜ, a member of the Wolf Group, launched a new product line PENOSIL Care, which includes disinfectants for hands and surfaces.

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  • To paint or not to paint, that is the question


    In today's construction, different types of sealants are used: silicones, acrylics, hybrids and PU sealants. If the aim is to overpaint the sealant after application, it is worth reading further because not every product is suitable for this purpose. 

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  • PENOSIL- a brand visitors expect to see at Baltic trade fairs


    For almost 10 years the Wolf Group has been taking part in spring trade fairs around the Baltic States with the PENOSIL trademark, showcasing new products and all-in-one solutions and developments. In March and April 2019 the group once again appeared with a uniform stand design and message at fairs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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  • Neutral versus acetoxy silicones


    In chemical terms, various substances are understood either to be alkaline, neutral, or acidic. Silicones that are used for construction purposes are similarly divided into categories according to the chemicals that are released in the curing process, and are respectively neutral or acetoxy.

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  • Penosil at upcoming Baltic trade fairs


    Wolf Group is pleased to invite its guests to visit the 33rd International Building Industry Trade Fair “House I 2019” at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, March 14-17. “House I” is the largest construction industry event in Latvia and includes companies and professionals from the construction industry and other related industries. It will be possible to get new information about Penosil products and practical consultations at the stand of Krimelte Latvia SIA, Hall 2, stand H-16. 

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  • An energy efficient building is achieved using energy efficient materials


    The European Union has set the ambitious aim of reducing human greenhouse-gas emissions by 80-95% by 2050 in comparison to 1990. The EU is slowly moving towards nearly zero-efficiency buildings that in turn create a demand for building materials, as the energy costs of a building make up roughly 40% of total energy usage.

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  • Penosil SpeedFix - the most important adhesive development of the year


    Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ launched a novel series of adhesives called SpeedFix under the PENOSIL brand last year. The products were de¬veloped to meet consumer desires for adhesive products with more user con¬venience. The SpeedFix line of products is characterised by fast adhesion and a strong bond, with a clear indication of its applications. As a result, the entire gluing process is simple, fast and clean. The concept presentation took place during the spring construction trade shows in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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  • Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ launched a new website


    Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ is keeping up with the winds of change. A new structure and updated design have been unveiled for its website  

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  • Design recognition for the PENOSIL EasyPRO spatula


    The PENOSIL EasyPRO spatula has been selected for the final round of the Bruno product design award of the Estonian Association of Designers. Of the 138 submissions, 59 have been selected for the final round, and the EasyPRO spatula is now competing in the Best Design of An Engineering-Technical Product category against two types of parcel lockers, a thermostat, a bicycle mud guard, a pier service station and a ball game used in occupational therapy. The nominated works will be exhibited at the XIII Design Night exhibition, which will open on 10 September at the atrium of Viru Keskus. The winners will be announced at the award gala on 14 September.

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  • PENOSIL Romania goes live – the new online shop


    PENOSIL, member of Wolf Group, is launching a new sales channel this week. PENOSIL takes the decision to open an online store, thus being the first brand in the segment of polyurethane foam and construction silicone entering online sales on its own strengths.

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  • Wolf Group brand Penosil awarded prestigious Euro-Window title


    A total of 81 companies active on the national market for insulating and related areas have received Euro-window awards during special Gala held on May 25 in the hall of the Radisson Blue Hotel Atlas - Bucharest, as part of the International Conference on Systems Joinery and Euro-pane windows. Among others, Wolf Group’s brand Penosil has also received a prestigious trophy in the category “Reliable brand”. 

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  • Penosil and Ideal Trade helped to collect over 1.5 mln tenge for treatment of children


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  • Wolf Group at BAU 2015


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  • Tartu University researchers contribute towards R&D of Krimelte


    On Thursday, 9 January, Prof. Volli Kalm, Rector of the University of Tartu, and Alar Salum, Executive Director of Krimelte OÜ, signed an agreement at the latter’s headquarters to promote mutual cooperation in the R&D of polymer chemistry, including the development of products based on new technologies.

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  • Fire rated gun foam Penosil receives unique certificate of quality


    In March the Ukrainian National Certification Centre certified fire rated gun foam Penosil Premium FireRated Gunfoam produced by Krimelte, Estonian factory, and issued a unique certificate of quality. Thus, today Krimelte is one of three enterprises distributing certified fire rated foams on the Ukrainian market.

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  • Penosil participates in several prestigious trade fairs


    During this year Penosil has participated in many prestigious trade fairs in Poland, Dubai and Brazil.

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  • Penosil EasyGun Foam goes over to new generation applicators


    Starting from 1 July 2011 we start manufacturing new Penosil EasyGun applicators, which feature simpler foam dosing. Foam quality has also been enhanced.

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  • Wolf Group introduced a unique construction portal


    Wolf Group, a manufacturer of PU-foams and sealants with export markets in more than 40 countries, introduced an interactive construction portal called Masters Club. Through the Masters Club, information on the use of construction chemicals and tools is passed in an easily understandable manner as well as more general information on everything happening in the construction chemicals industry. According to Wolf Group PR Manager, it is a unique solution in this industry.

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  • New gunfoam of increased yield - Penosil GoldGun 65 Plus


    Wolf Group product portfolio grew with Penosil GoldGun 65 Plus gunfoam of increased yield producing more foam and is specially developed according to the wishes of customers.

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