Penosil EasyGun Foam goes over to new generation applicators


Starting from 1 July 2011 we start manufacturing new Penosil EasyGun applicators, which feature simpler foam dosing. Foam quality has also been enhanced. The novel ergonomic design of the EasyGun applicator makes foam application so simple that a user makes it just with one finger. The new patented solution, in which great attention has been paid to ease of use, was elaborated with the help of one of the most recognised product designers in Estonia. Compared to the former solution foam application is now much simpler and work requiring precision is now done with ease. The new EasyGun applicator is easily, just with one click fixed on the valve but at the same time it stays there strongly enough so that foam will not come out from between the valve and applicator. Thus working clothes and the work environment always stay clean. Thanks to the new technology the foam structure of EasyGun Foam is more even and output is improved. New EasyGun applicators can be recognised by their silver colour and you get a new applicator with EasyGun Foam free of charge. Applicators can also be bought separately in a set of five pieces. Transition to new EasyGun silver applicators starts from 1 July when fulfilling new orders. Please find advertising materials of Penosil EasyGun Foam attached to the letter. Please inform us about the quantity of advertising materials required for your market by July 8 at the latest.

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