Fire rated gun foam Penosil receives unique certificate of quality


Today the foams of Krimelte are certified in Ukraine as well as in the European countries and on the territory of the Russian Federation. These certificates prove that the products meet quality standards set by codes and specifications, national standards and technical regulations. The testing process is inter alia aimed at determination of foam safety in operation and its proper quality. Each test stage is strictly governed by law and state-controlled, thus each stage implementation and priority is rigorous.

High-quality fireproof polyurethane gun foam has excellent thermal and sound-proofing properties and a superior adhesive ability. Fire rated foam can ensure impermeability of the joint and protect against smoke and fire up to 3 hours under high temperature conditions.

This foam is worldwide used by the companies specializing in fire protection of premises, professional designers engaged in installation of fireproof windows, doors, partitions and other structures as well as electric wiring experts. Fire rated foam is often used by households taking care about fire safety of their houses.

Fire rated foam applications:
• Installation of fireproof doors, hatchways and windows.
• Insulation with fire-resistance strict requirements.
• Filling of cavities and slots.
• Heat and sound insulation.
• In passages between floor slabs and heating pipes and furnace tubes

Fire rated foam advantages:
• Certified by the Ukrainian National Certification Centre.
• Fire resistance is as per EN1366-4 standard (certified in accordance with the European B1 fire           properties standard (DIN 4102-1)
• Meets the Russian Federation fire safety regulations (GOST 30247.0-94)
• Fire resistance is up to3 hours
• Low post-expansion
• Raised temperature resistance

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