PENOSIL Premium Floor&Wall ParquetFix 749

  • The adhesive is moisture-curing and forms an elastic connection that reduces the shear stress between the parquet and substrate, thereby compensating the expansion and shrinkage of wood. At the same time, it ensures an optimum step noise insulation and reduces the room noise by up to 13 dB, depending on the parquet type.
  • A long application time and a stable form of the adhesive as well as the possibility to load and treat the parquet in already 24 hours are its advantages.
  • The ParquetFix does not contain silicones, isocyanates, unhealthy aromatic hydrocarbons, terpenes, plasticisers, substances emitting formaldehyde or halogen organic compounds.

Field of application

  • Used for installation of massive, mosaic, slatted, two-/three-layer parquet (DIN/EN 13489), industrial parquet, and wooden boarding.
  • Suitable substrates are cement, self-levelling compounds, plasterboard, magnesium oxide plate, concrete, fibre board, and many putty substrates (previous testing is required).
  • Parquet adhesive is also suitable for water- and electric heated floors.


Foil package 600 ml, 20 pcs. in box.
3,5 L plastic bucket / 5 kg per bucket.
10 L plastic bucket / 15 kg per bucket.

Adheres to


Colour samples

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