PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix All Exterior 777

  • Used for gluing metal, stone and wood components during general construction work. Well suited for outdoor use and in different weather conditions.
  • Excellent bonding capacity with most construction materials such as wood, bricks, concrete, glass and various metals.
  • Also appropriate for use on moist surfaces.
  • Appropriate for bonding in interior and exterior conditions.
  • Does not cause corrosion on metals.
  • Does not shrink during drying.
  • Good antivibration and noise suppressive properties.
  • UV and weather resistant.
  • Can be painted over.
  • Does not contain harmful ingredients.

Fields of application

  • Gluing of metal, stone and wood components during general construction work, where a particularly fast primary bond and a strong connection are required.
  • Outdoor bonding work with fast bonding requirement.
  • Adhesive work where the anti-vibration and noise suppressing properties of the glue are required in addition to strong adhesion.


290 ml plastic cartridge, 12 pcs per box.

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