PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Construction 878

  • Replaces traditional fastening by compound or with screws in many cases, as it is a simpler, faster, quieter, cleaner and cheaper solution. 
  • Adhesive foam has good thermal insulation characteristics and noise barrier.
  • The EasyGun applicator enables the use of the adhesive foam for sealing in narrow spaces between the insulation or building boards.
  • Very good gluing and sealing properties.
  • Excellent adhesion to various materials, such as polystyrene, plaster, wood, concrete, stone, metal and PVC, as well as mineral substrates.
  • Very economical, saving time and money.
  • Uniformly strong structure and sufficient elasticity.
  • Very little post-expansion and expansion pressure allows fast and accurate gluing.
  • High-quality results in various weather conditions.
  • Can be used with a foam gun or the supplied EasyGun applicator.

Fields of application

  • Fixing of insulating boards to facades and basements.
  • Fixing of interior finishing tiles to walls.
  • Installation of window sills.
  • Gluing of building blocks.
  • Sealing of narrow spaces between the insulation or building boards.


1000 ml aerosol can, content 750 ml, 12 cans per box

Adheres to

constrution foam

Colour samples