PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix High Tack 707

  • Excellent initial tack.
  • Adheres well to most construction materials such as wood, bricks, concrete, glass, various, metals.
  • Can be used on wet surfaces.
  • Does not cause corrosion risk on metals.
  • Dries fast without shrinking.
  • Very good vibration and boise-suppressing properties.
  • Excellent UV, weather and ageing resistance.
  • Silicone, isocyanate and solvent-free.


  • For gluing metal, stone and wooden structures during general construction work where an especially strong and secure connection is required.
  • Gluing work in construction, metal industry and engineering requiring fast and strong adhesion.
  • Gluing work in which case in addition to strong bonding, also vibration and noise-suppressing properties of the adhesive are required.
  • Gluing interior and exterior panels are boards in construction, as well as caravans, camping caravans and big trucks


290 ml plastic package, 12 pcs per box
600 ml foil package, 20 pcs per box

Colour samples

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