PENOSIL Nail&Fix Interior 915

  • High-quality single-component ready-to-use adhesive on synthetic rubber basis. Immediate strong adhesion, does not run on vertical surfaces.
  • Suitable for fastening skirting boards and door slats, profiles and decorative elements.
  • Adhesive cures after the solvent has vaporised, thereby forming a strong, lasting and durable connection.

Field of application

  • Used for the installation of wooden or PVC slats on bricks, chip-board, aluminium, galvanized iron, steel or concrete; installation of wooden thresholds, door jambs, profiles and panels.
  • Also suitable for gluing expandable polystyrene and plaster profiles, decorative slats, and ceramics.
  • Elements will have a rigid connection, which is why the adhesive is not suitable for moving connections.
  • Do not use for underwater works or in areas that are in permanent contact with water.


310 ml plastic cartridge, 12 cartridges in box.

Colour samples