About Company

OÜ Krimelte is a company which manufactures joint sealants and construction foams.The company, which is based on Estonian capital, was established in 1994 and began production in Estonia in 1998. Since then, OÜ Krimelte has quickly developed from a distributing company into a leading manufacturer in Europe.

Since Estonia is located in a region with a harsh northern climate, the requirements for the quality of our products are especially demanding. We have constantly improved the quality of our products and extended the product range. Many of our clients are professional end-users; this proves that we can guarantee you the best possible quality, service and prices.

Fast service, flexibility and stability are the key-words that describe our work and our young team. Krimelte started as a distributing company and therefore we believe that we can understand the everyday concerns and needs of our clients better than anyone else. The wide range of high-quality PENOSIL products is suitable for use both by professionals and at home. PENOSIL products are sold in 50 countries all over the world.

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