Installation and maintenance manuals

What is weathersealing?

Sealing exterior wall joints of facades against the influence of weathering such as UV, rainwater, driving rain, etc. and against influences of various other factors such as chemical and mechanical loads that eventually may cause damage. There can be many different façade types, for example glass façade systems, precast concrete panels with various types of finishes, brickwork and stonework, metallic cladding, tiles and stone veneer panels, etc. 

For more information please see our weathersealing manual below:

What is sanitary sealing?

The purpose of sanitary sealing is to give sanitary rooms an esthetical and long-lasting appearance. During their lifetime, joints in the sanitary areas face a lot of adverse conditions- from excess moisture to contact with different chemicals. Therefore, it is important to use suitable sealants which maintain their mechanical and visual properties during their lifetime.

The manual below gives instructions for sealing sanitary areas in the interior of buildings exposed to non-pressurized water, it means sanitary joints in bathrooms, toilets, showers and domestic kitchens.

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