PENOSIL Premium Glazing Silicone

  • One-component, low modulus, high quality glazing silicone.
  • Alkoxy curing, reacts with the atmospheric moisture producing a flexible rubber extremely resistant.
  • It does not content corrosive or strong smell additives.
  • Preserves all properties of elasticity and adherence with no ageing problems, remaining stable in front of atmospheric agents.

Field of application

  • Mainly being used for glazing application, for example sealing glass partition walls, glazing of windows and glass doors, weathersealing of glass facades.
  • Adheres well to porous and non-porous substrates including glass, aluminium (lacquered, anodized, painted, etc.), concrete, masonry, ceramic brick, PVC, wood, ceramics. 


  • 310 ml cartridge, 12 pcs in a box.
  • 600 ml foil package, 20 pcs in a box. 


For correct product use please read weathersealing manual:

Colour samples