PENOSIL Premium Facade Hybrid 25LM

  • One-component, high elasticity and movement capability facade sealant. 
  • Based on hybrid-polymer and cures in the presence of moisture.
  • Completely weather and UV radiation resistant.
  • Preserves excellent elasticity and adhesion in exterior and interior environment.
  • The sealant is neutral, odourless and environmentally friendly. 
  • Easy to apply, even in adverse conditions and low temperatures.
Field of applications

  • Sealing different joints of buildings, for example expansion and connection wall joints, window and door frame perimeter connections, joints of stairs, balconies, etc. 
  • Can be used for sealing penetrations (pipes, cables) and for ventilation works.
  • The product is suitable for many types of construction materials: concrete, brick, tile, ceramics, different metals, wood, glass, PVC, etc. 
  • Adheres even onto humid and damp surfaces.

600 ml foil package, 20 pcs in a box.


Colour samples