PENOSIL Premium +1500°C Sealant

  • Manifold application possibilities.
  • After curing withstands temperatures of up to +1500 °C.
  • Insulates and seals.
  • After heating becomes very hard.
  • Adheres to metal, stone, brick and concrete substrates.
  • Suitable on natural stones.

Field of application

  • Insulation and sealing works requiring heat-resistance.
  • Insulation of joints and filling of cracks in chimneys, ovens, fireplaces and stoves.


Cartridge: 310 ml; 12 units per box.

Colour samples

  • PENOSIL Premium Cleaning Wipes

    PENOSIL Premium Cleaning Wipes

    Big industrial cleaning wipes for the remo-val of paint, adhesive, oil, construction foam,sealant and other stains from hands, tools and other surfaces.

  • PENOSIL Sealant Manual Gun 310 ml

    PENOSIL Premium Cartridge Gun 310 ml

    Professional manually-operated gun to apply and extrude sealant products such as silicones and mastics contained in the suitable standard 310 ml. cartridges.