PENOSIL Window Tape Full Glue+1 Internal

Penosil Window Tape Full Glue+1 Internal is a vapour barrier tape to cover window and door joints from inside.

  • Prevents penetration of water vapour in the construction foam and wall structure.
  • Ensures airtightness.
  • Acrylic adhesive has excellent adhesion to all of the most common construction materials.
  • Nonwoven adhesive on one side of the joint tape provides strong and airtight bond with various construction materials.
  • The adhesive stripes on both sides of the joint tape allow its use before or after installation of windows and doors.
  • The material of the joint tape can be plastered and painted.
  • Stretchable in width, resists movement of the wall structure.


Packed in a cardboard box. 25m per roll. Widths 70mm, 100mm and 150mm.

Colour samples