PENOSIL Premium Membrane Fix 629

  • Excellent bonding capacity with most construction materials and surfaces such as wood, bricks, concrete, glass, various metals, plastered surfaces, gypsum boards, wool boards and cardboard.
  • Bonds well with PE, PP and PA films, which do not bond with most of the adhesives.
  • Also appropriate for use on moist surfaces.
  • Does not smell.
  • Appropriate for bonding in interior conditions.
  • After curing the adhesive remains plastoelastic and the surface maintains a long-term bond.
  • Can be used as contact adhesive as well as for replacing double-sided tape.

Fields of application

  • For bonding all kinds of membranes, for example the vapour barrier membrane of a connected roof to masonry, plastered surface, gypsum board wall, wood, etc.
  • For bonding vapour barrier membranes and films with one another.
  • For temporarily bonding dust protection films to a ceiling or wall.


290 ml plastic cartridge, 12 pcs per box

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