PENOSIL Premium Seal&Fix 709

  • Great adherence on most building materials.
  • Suitable for alkaline, acidic and metal surfaces.
  • Does not cause colour changes on marble or other natural stone surfaces.
  • Suitable for uneven surfaces.
  • Stable elasticity, suitable for moving materials and joint types.
  • Dampens hits and vibration.
  • Mould, UV, ageing, moisture and weather resistant.
  • Silicone, acid, isocyanate and solvent free.

Fielf of application

  • Establishing permanent connections and sealing on surfaces that expand, shrink or move due to environmental conditions by up to 12,5%.
  • Insulation and sealing of connections, also on surfaces where acid-curing silicone or less elastic sealants cannot be used.
  • Insulation and sound insulation for equipment in the field of ventilation, sewage, and car industry, as well as for audio equipment.


Cartridge: 310 ml; 12 units per box.

Mostre de culori

  • PENOSIL Sealant Manual Gun 310 ml

    PENOSIL Sealant Manual Gun 310 ml

    Pistol profesional acţionat manual pentru aplicarea şi extrudarea produselor de etanşare, cum ar fi siliconii şi masticurile conţinute în recipiente standard adecvate de 280ml şi 310ml.