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PENOSIL Walking World Cup 2023

    Register below, receive a #walk15 login code in your e-mail and join the challenge!

    Have you ever participated in the Walking World Cup? This is your chance to make walking history by joining the first-ever Penosil Walking World Cup 2023. Sign up, have fun and win prizes. Set goals, track your progress and become a champion. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, and join our global challenge today!

    Penosil Walking World Cup 2023 will take place from 01.08 until 30.09.

    The 3 top players of each country will win the Wolf Group polo shirts. Additionally, every week 2 participants from each country have a chance to win a box of Penosil sealants. The prizes will be randomly drawn between all the participants with a step count higher than 85’000 weekly steps.

    Participation rules can be seen here

    Be a Penosil Walking World Cup 2023 champion!