Hydroisolation Products

  • PENOSIL Premium HydroStop

    PENOSIL Premium HydroStop

    For damp proofing before final finishing. Protects against moisture. Improves the bond between the substrate and the finishing materials. A concentrate.

  • PENOSIL Premium AquaBrake Fiber

    PENOSIL Premium AquaBrake Fiber

    An elastic waterproofing liquid membrane reinforced with fibres, for waterproofing the substrate of floor and wall coverings.

  • PENOSIL Premium RoofMastic

    PENOSIL Premium RoofMastic

    A liquid-applied, elastic, acrylic system which gives durable, long-life, water-resistant and breathable coatings. With this mastic, intricate construction elements such as pipe bushings and surroundings can be insulated resulting in seamless coating.