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Privacy Policy

Data Use Principles of Wolf Group OÜ

WOLF GROUP OÜ, the owner and administrator of the website has assumed the obligation to protect the privacy of its clients and users. We have accordingly prepared these Privacy Policy Principles that cover the collection and use of data. Our activities on the Internet are consistent with the European Union legislation and the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

Which data does the Penosil website collect about its users and how are the data used?

Wolf Group OÜ uses cookies on its website to provide its users with complete functionality of the page and more user-friendly navigation. A cookie is a small text file sent by a web server to the user’s web browser and saved to the user’s hard drive. Cookies help improve the website and provide you with a better user experience.

Wolf Group OÜ uses analytical cookies of Google Analytics, YouTube and Hotjar that collect information about the use of the website and the number of visits thereto.

At the beginning of a visit, the website provides you with information about the use of cookies and asks for your consent. If you click on the ‘I AGREE’ button, you accept the use of the cookies. You can always change your consent in the web browser settings or delete the saved cookies. Wolf Group OÜ undertakes to take any and all measures to protect your personal data properly. If you have any questions about processing your data, please contact us.

More detailed information about cookies and removal thereof can be read here:  or use your web browser ”help” section. 

We have made the following settings for using the Facebook page of Penosil Estonia:
  • the page is visible to everybody;
  • anyone may publish a post on the page;
  • our working language is Estonian, we have limited the opportunity to post in different languages; however, we permit automatic translation of posts to readers in other languages;
  • we apply automatic filtering of the content of the poster’s message, which means that Facebook automatically prevents the publication of posts that contain generally known offensive expressions (the Profanity Filter setting – medium);
  • people can contact us privately via Facebook;
  • everybody can refer to the page of Penosil Estonia and to its public content;
  • we receive the statistical data of use collected by Facebook in an anonymous form. Facebook prepares the statistics by collecting your personal data. For more detailed information, read the rules of the Facebook Data Policy and Cookies Policy.

Wolf Group OÜ reserves the right to update or amend the Privacy Policy at any time without giving any advance notice thereof and by publishing an updated version of the Privacy Policy on its website.

Contact information:

Wolf Group OÜ
Suur-Paala 10
13619 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone: +372 6059 300