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About us

PENOSIL product portfolio consists of construction foams, adhesives, sealants, cleaning products, tools, construction chemicals, and building materials for both, professionals and home users.

Today PENOSIL is combining 25 years of experience in retail business and serving building professionals with 45 years of success in creating industrial sealing solutions.

PENOSIL brand belongs to the Wolf Group, which unites all the brands, production units and sales branches of Krimelte, a leading European manufacturer of construction chemistry products and systems.

PENOSIL belongs to Wolf Group

The production units and the respective sales branches of Wolf Group are located in Estonia, Spain, Russia and France. Separately, sales branches are situated in Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The Group’s export network extends to more than 70 countries: from the United States to New Zealand, from Norway to South Africa, and from Brazil to Japan.

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PENOSIL references

PENOSIL materials and systems have been used, among others, in the following world-renowned architectural and construction projects:

Fields of competence


PENOSIL is one of the leading European brands in providing energy efficient sealing and bonding solutions. Our well-recognized expertise in airtight sealing and weatherproofing to ensure constructional part of buildings´ energy efficiency allows us to share our know-how with our partners all over the world. It gives us the competence to develop products and building solutions to ensure the best user convenience for different climate regions and construction traditions.