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About us

In the northern climes of Europe, where PENOSIL was born, there’s a distinct chill in the air for the greater part of the year. The tribes who first ventured this far all those thousands of years ago saw the freezing conditions as a challenge to be embraced and delighted in. And rightly so – if it’s warm indoors, what’s not to love? Winter is a time of wondrous beauty. Over the ages, rudimentary shelters evolved into log houses lined with moss, and from them, ever more complex methods of keeping the winter warmth in and the heat of summer out were devised. When you think about it, it’s only logical that PENOSIL emerged in such conditions.

Teams worked with the best technologies to develop world-class joint fillers that would keep things warm in the snowy wastes of Siberia and cool things down under the blazing Brazilian sun.

PENOSIL is at home on any continent. Centuries of having to protect ourselves from the elements have made us globally recognised pioneers in our field: we’re always one step ahead of everyone else because it’s in our blood.

Energy efficiency and green thinking have become intrinsic parts of our lives. PENOSIL products are one small and very effective step for the man or woman utilising them, but one giant, energy-saving leap for mankind. They’re trusted by developers of mega-projects with a global reach as much as they are by individual home-owners, in construction and renovation alike. Our range is the number-one choice in more than 40 countries that set strict requirements for their builders, who refuse to compromise on quality.

The laws of nature have made us who we are today – and those laws will outlive us all. Read more about PENOSIL story.

PENOSIL belongs to Wolf Group

The production units and the respective sales branches of Wolf Group are located in Estonia, Spain and France. Separately, sales branches are situated in Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The Group’s export network extends to more than 70 countries: from the United States to New Zealand, from Norway to South Africa, and from Brazil to Japan.

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PENOSIL references

PENOSIL materials and systems have been used, among others, in the following world-renowned architectural and construction projects:

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PENOSIL is one of the leading European brands in providing energy efficient sealing and bonding solutions. Our well-recognized expertise in airtight sealing and weatherproofing to ensure constructional part of buildings energy efficiency allows us to share our know-how with our partners all over the world. It gives us the competence to develop products and building solutions to ensure the best user convenience for different climate regions and construction traditions.