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1kg of PU foam saves 1,000kg of CO2 during its lifecycle


PU foams save 70x more energy than needed for production


1L can of foam adhesive = 25kg of cement


Almost 60% of Penosil products have low-VOC certifications


We save energy

We help you to save energy by constantly developing more sustainable and energy-efficient products and building solutions.

With climate change, country-based regulations and ever-increasing energy prices, renovating older buildings and building new sustainable and passive buildings has become more and more popular.

Since 2020, all new buildings in the EU must be nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

What is a nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB)?

  • A nZEB naturally reduces energy consumption and offers incredibly high energy performance.
  • Its objective is to produce as much energy as it consumes.
  • An nZEB is built using energy–efficient and renewable energy solutions.
  • The established standards for nZEBs vary by country.

How do our products help to improve energy-efficiency?

When building a new-build or renovating an older structure, Penosil products help to achieve the nZEB building requirements by eliminating air leaks, thermal bridges and thermal transmittance.

Our carefully crafted energy-efficient systems such as the Energy Efficient Window Installation solution and Facade Waterproofing solution are an important link in the realisation of nZEB and passive constructions.

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Penosil products guarantee the building’s energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal and cost efficiency.

Test if you are a green consumer!

Do you check how sustainable a product is before buying?

Do you always try to buy the most sustainable product available in the shop?

Do you take the used construction chemistry packaging to a recycling centre?

It’s time to make a change!

Good job, but there is still room for improvement!

Keep up the good work, you are getting there!

Well done, you are making a difference!