PENOSIL Premium Elastic Gunfoam

  • One-component high-quality elastic construction foam with especially low expansion pressure.
  • Especially suitable for places of use where the elastic properties and minimum expansion pressure of the construction foam are important – such as joints in wooden and log houses, narrow and pressure sensitive joints, etc.
  • Adhesive and supporting properties are less than those of regular foam.Elastic, easily compressible, regains original shape after exertion of pressure is ceased.
  • Due to especially low expansion pressure very suitable for using in fragile constructions.
  • Fast curing.
  • Allows accurate dosage and economic usage.
  • Withstands vibration well.
  • Adheres well to various construction materials.
  • Can be used with a foam gun.

 Field of application

  • Installation and sealing of wooden doors and windows.
  • Filling of pressure sensitive and narrow joints.
  • Insulation of ventilation devices and pipes.
  • Filling of joints and openings of considerable movability.
  • Thermal and sound insulation.


1000 ml aerosol can, content 750 ml, 12 cans in a box


Colour samples