PENOSIL Premium Expanding Tape 300 and 600

  • Slowly expands when released from the roll.
  • Expands and fills out all cracks and uneven parts
    of the joint.
  • Leaves a completely homogenous tight seal.
  • Resistant to water-penetration and uV-light.
  • Minimizes the risk of wet-rot and fungal infection of the building system.
  • The open cell structure allows breathability of joints and evaporation of moisture.
  • Remains elastic.
  • Safe for user and the environment.
  • In outer joints ensures preservation of foam properties and protects it from uV rays.

Field of application

  • Sealing of gaps between window/door frame and embrasure.
  • Sealing between concrete sections.
  • Sealing of sky-lights and roof-lights.
  • Sealing of roof constructions, including eaves fillers.
  • Sealing of log houses.
  • Insulation against noise and vibrations in connection with ventilation and climate installations.
  • Insulation against noise and vibrations within the automotive industry. 

Large scale assortment of rolls.



Colour samples

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