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Glass facade weathersealing

The definition of weathersealing is sealing exterior façade joints against the influence of weathering such as UV, rainwater, driving rain etc. and against the influences of various other factors such as chemical and mechanical loads that eventually may cause damage. The key factors that façade weatersealant needs to cope with are protection from weathering, compensation of façade element movements and aesthetic appearance.

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Installing backer material



Installing backer material

Premium Backer Rod PE round backer rod for joint filling

  • Highly flexible and compressible for an easy installation. Ensures proper sealant size and shape in the joint.
  • Closed cell structure does not allow the absorption of moisture or air.
  • Compatible with polyurethane, hybrid, silicone and most other cold sealants.


Premium Glazing Silicone

  • Completely weatherproof to protect the structure from UV radiation, rain/snow and wind.
  • High movement capability to compensate deformations in the joint, without losing its elasticity nor adhesion
  • Compatible with different IG- and SG-sealants.

EN 15651-1 F-EXT-INT-CC Class:25LM
EN 15651-2 G-CC Class:25LM

An alternative product is PENOSIL Premium Building Silicone