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Unlocking construction possibilities with Penosil All Purpose Gunfoam 172


During hot summer months, it can be a challenge to find a polyurethane foam that performs well at temperatures above +30°C. Penosil All Purpose Gunfoam 172 is a multipurpose one-component gun foam for all-around sealing, insulating and filling works. Its high yield and excellent performance in higher temperatures (up to +40°C) sets it apart from other available construction gun foams in the market.

Penosil All Purpose Gunfoam 172 offers a wide range of applications and benefits for professional and DIY builders alike. One of its key benefits is the excellent thermal insulation properties (0.033 W/(m·K). The cured foam creates a barrier that reduces the impact of thermal bridges and lowers energy consumption, leading to cost savings and a more pleasant indoor environment.

With a sound insulation value of 62 dB, Penosil All Purpose Gunfoam 172 also has excellent soundproofing properties. The foam absorbs sound waves, therefore reducing noise transmission. This advantage is particularly valuable in residential, commercial, and industrial settings where noise control is essential.

Penosil All Purpose Gunfoam 172 is a genuinely multifunctional product; it can be used for filling and insulating openings all around the construction. Whether you need to seal cracks, gaps, electrical outlets, pipe penetrations or around conduits, this foam expands and fills any voids, providing an airtight seal. Also, its extra high output of 55 l makes it the right choice for large-scale construction works.

Sealing and filling pressure-sensitive joints such as window and door joints can sometimes be difficult due to some foam’s high post expansion that can bend the frame. As Penosil All Purpose Gunfoam 172 has a low curing pressure and moderate post-expansion, it can be used for works which require a more delicate approach.

On top of its excellent product properties, Penosil All Purpose Gunfoam 172 is also safe to use. The internationally recognised M1 and EC1+ certificates ensure that this product is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has a minimal impact on indoor air quality.

Finding a reliable and efficient solution that meets various project requirements is key to achieving successful outcomes in construction and renovation projects. With its sealing, insulating and soundproofing properties, Penosil All Purpose Gunfoam 172 is an all-in-one solution for builders.