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Penosil EasyGun Foam 108: One foam for all


In the world of construction and renovation, finding a reliable and efficient solution that simplifies the job is invaluable. Penosil EasyGun Foam 108 is an all-season insulation gun foam that comes with a free tool: our unique EasyGun applicator. It can be applied either with a foam gun or EasyGun applicator, making it a more versatile product than traditional gun foams.

Our specially developed foam formula has excellent product properties such as high mechanical strength, low VOC and all-season use. You can continue working with Penosil EasyGun Foam 108 even when the temperature drops below 0°C (usage temp. range -10°C to +30°C). And the M1 and EC1+ certificates ensure that this product contains low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is non-toxic and provides a safer living environment.

Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of modern construction. Penosil EasyGun Foam 108 offers excellent thermal insulation properties (0.033 W/(m·K), creating an airtight seal that minimises heat loss and reduces the impact of thermal bridges. In return, this helps regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling and resulting in energy savings.

In addition to its thermal insulation properties, Penosil EasyGun Foam 108 also has excellent sound insulation value (62 dB). The expanding foam structure minimises noise transmission between rooms and from external sources.

EasyGun Foam 108 has been developed with ease of use in mind. For standard-size window and door joints, gaps, and holes EasyGun Foam 108 can be used with a foam gun, such as Penosil FoamGun P1 or S1.

To fill and insulate narrow and deep penetrations, gaps and holes that are hard to access with a traditional foam gun, we recommend using our patented EasyGun applicator. To change from foam gun to applicator, remove the foam gun from the can valve, clean the valve and the gun with Penosil Foam Cleaner 949, then place the EasyGun applicator onto the can valve, press slightly until the applicator is fixed and the foam is ready to be used.

EasyGun Foam 108 is a truly versatile, easy-to-use and safe product. With Penosil EasyGun Foam 108, you can undertake a wide range of construction challenges confidently and efficiently, saving time, effort, and resources.