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PENOSIL Walking World Cup 2023 champions


Our first-ever Penosil Walking World Cup has come to an end and we are very glad to announce the winners of the walking challenge.

During the challenge we:

  • Made 530 605 520 steps
  • Walked 379 004 km
  • Saved 68 166 kg of CO2
  • Planted 1 895 200 virtual trees

Some interesting facts:

  • The team with the most participants: Lithuania
  • The biggest number of active participants: Germany
  • The highest average step count per day: Rest of the World

We are super proud to announce the winners of each team.

The TOP 3 participants of each country will be awarded a Wolf Group polo shirt:

Rest of the World1. Yanina Leskova
2. Tomas Kovaliauskas
3. Jelena Somkina
Estonia1. Urmas Trommel
2. Undo Koitmäe
3. Heigo Jürisoo
Latvia1. ainars58
2. Gints Lauksargs
3. Ralfs
Lithuania1. Kristinux kristen
2. Justina Valančienė
3. Gintaras Šeškaitis
Romania1. Marian Senciuc
2. adrian.nedelcovici
3. Etoile Blanc
France1. Sidd
2. Damutė Vaidutė
3. Romain DUBREUCQ
Spain1. Javier R.F.
2. Carlos Arias
3. Jorge Tenorio
Portugal1. Dalia Naus
2. Viktorija Gudauskaitė
3. Ilja Laurs
United Kingdom1. Birutė Giedraitienė
2. r.korneja
3. Dan Balan
Germany1. Jonas Galinskas
2. Jolita Molytė
3. Tomas Dobrovolskis

All the winners will be contacted via e-mail.

During the competition, we randomly picked each week winners of our weekly challenge. You can see the full list of weekly challenge winners here.

For this year the challenge has finished, and we are very grateful for your contribution. In the meanwhile, stay active and we will see you again at the next challenge!